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How We Help You

To best serve you, we need to know you….your needs, your wants and your wishes.  We start by listening.  Asking questions and really listening to your answers is the best way we can understand your financial needs.  We’ll inquire about your personal objectives and financial goals, and explain how our process can help you work towards them. 

We utilize sophisticated software as a part of our planning process.  MoneyGuidePro is a financial planning software that is designed to help us focus on your retirement goals to create a customized plan. Through our structured process of evaluating current assets, debt and future plans, you are encouraged to share your thoughts and investment strategies, and most importantly, your willingness or hesitation to absorb risk.

The planning process is completed by putting together strategic recommendations that form a comprehensive financial plan specific to your personal financial situation.  Once the plan is complete, we take the time to clearly explain what is being recommended and why.

Implementing your decisions is one of the most important ways in which we can help our clients.  Whether it is a complex investment approach or simple savings plans, we will help you follow through and implement your plan. 

And we don’t stop there.  Life situations change and it is critical to review and update your plan to remain on track while working towards your goals. We will schedule periodic reviews to monitor the adjustments needed so that your financial plan moves towards meeting your goals.

We are your partner throughout the process!